Jon Tong Taekwondo
Gain Inner Peace Through Taekwondo
228 Zimmerman St. North Tomawanda, NY 14120

Study Traditional Taekwondo in Western N.Y. under the instruction  of Master Richard Lent a 6th Degree Black Belt.

Learn Self Control

History of this Martial Art

Basic Motion

Fighting Motion

Practical Self Defense Techniques

Traditional ITF Patterns


At Jon Tong, Self Defense

is a way of life.

Each class will give you more Self Confidence, Coordination, Self Control, Balance, Endurance and Awareness.


Our Goal is to teach through Understanding. The youngest teaches the oldest, The oldest teaches the youngest. We learn Patience and understanding, as We teach Techniques and control.

" We are all on the same road......Just at a different spot." 

"We are all Among Friends"

  (Master Thomas Tambe)

Jon Tong was founded by Master Thomas J. Jasinski in 1972

Master Jasinski's first instructor was Master Kim Jin Woo while he was inThailand.

Master Jasinski trained Master Lee.

Master Jasinski and Master Lee Trained Master ThomasTambe

Master ThomasTambe (Jon Tong Taekwon-Do) and Mr.Paul Tambe (Jon Tong Taekwon-Do) and

Grand Master Wayne Schiavi (Hosin-Do Taekwon-Do) are my Instructors.

I am Mr. Richard Lent 6th Degree Black Belt

Jon Tong Taekwon-Do is now my Honor to Continue the Tradition.


                         LEARNING SELF DEFENSE

Tranquility and Inner Peace are achieved through increased

ability, fitness and self confidence.

                     Join us and enjoy the Journey.