Jon Tong Taekwondo

Many thanks to all who attended to help out and show support for our four Black Belts


           APRIL 19, 2012



Special Thanks to our Grading Board:

Soke William Cavalier - Tatsu-Do Karate   Livonia, N.Y.

Grand Master Wayne Schiavi - Hosin-Do Taekwon Do  Elba, N.Y

Master Richard Lent - Jon Tong Taekwon-Do  North Tonawanda, N.Y

Congratulation to four of our instructors !!

Miss Dawn Vollmer promoted to 3rd Dan

Mr. Reiley Sekera    promoted to 3rd Dan

Mr. Russell Lent      promoted to 2nd Dan

Mr. Ben Krull           promoted to 2nd Dan

These four individuals are the true definition of the spirit of Jon Tong and Hosin Do Taekwon Do.

They are always giving of themselves to help other students.

They all lead by example.

They live the tenets of Taekwondo.

And inspire us all.

Thanks for carrying on the tradition of Jon Tong and Hosin Do.